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Documentazione per l'utente, © 2021 Press J to jump to the feed. In your source device’s Bluetooth menu, locate and select Logitech Z337 from the list to complete the connection. I think I would recommend that you keep the cheaper pair, then keep an eye out for some decent used equipment. But used is generally your best bet - humans have been making quality audio equipment for a long time now. Subwoofer Ansicht Und Herunterladen Logitech Z337 Bedienungsanleitung Online. I purchased it using the CAD, The Z337 is nice because it has a bass control and better design. Features wireless streaming, 40 watts RMS, wired control pod, adjustable bass control, 3.5mm aux, RCA inputs, 1 year warranty, and more Logitech Z337 2.1 PC Speakers If you still have questions browse the topics on the left. Created Jun 10, 2008. Tutti i diritti riservati, Sistema di altoparlanti Z313 con subwoofer, Sistema di altoparlanti Z623 con subwoofer, LAVORARE AL COMPUTER SENZA DANNI PER LA SALUTE, Strumenti essenziali per il lavoro da casa, Strumenti essenziali per l'apprendimento da casa, Altezza x Larghezza x Profondità: 192,8 mm x 108 mm x 90 mm, Altezza x Larghezza x Profondità: 230 mm x 232 mm x 157 mm, Altezza x Larghezza x Profondità: 55 mm x 54 mm x 55 mm. I just bought a pair of Micca MB-42Xs for under $100 and once eq’d they’re amazing for the price. This subreddit is for the budget minded audiophile that wants to grow out of soundbars, boomboxes, portable bluetooth and lifestyle speakers, and PC branded audio solutions. Be sure to check out the Discord server, too! Il browser IE8/IE9/IE10 non è più supportato. Il Logitech Z337 sostituisce il modello precedente aggiungendo la connessione Bluetooth, per ascoltare musica, video, film o giocare con la PS4, in modalità wireless (senza fili e in totale libertà). You will not regret it. Non ci sono ancora opinioni su questo prodotto. 0. If you are absolutely set on an entry level PC branded system, the Pro Media 2.1 are probably your best bet. A nice 2.0 set up from Swan (m200mk 2/3) or JBL (305) will far out perform what you are looking at. The Logitech Z337 Bluetooth 2.1 Speaker System with Subwoofer gives you the freedom to connect with any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone for a powerful sound performance. 06/11/2019. The Z313 has a nice satellite size for my desk but the bass don't have a control. As you can see from the design analysis, they have different satellite and subwoofer sizes. Most of them haven’t even owned them. Maybe I should go for z150 and save up for a better speaker like the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 in the future? Logitech Z337 PC speakers with subwoofer and Bluetooth streaming lets you stream clear sound and strong bass from any Bluetooth-enabled computer, tablet or phone. The extra $60 kinda hurts in my budget. Spedizione standard gratuita per ordini di EUR39.00 o superiori. Shares. La comunicazione avviene tramite Bluetooth.Si arriva a una potenza di 80 W con subwoofer frontale per una riproduzione perfetta dei bassi. Chi cerca, Trovaprezzi! Logitech. On top of that I found their sound wasn’t as good as the cheaper Micca’s. Problem with logitech z337. There are no FAQs for this Product. This is the place to talk about Logitech G hardware and software, pro gaming competitions and our sponsored teams and players. Regola il livello dei bassi grazie alla manopola dedicata posta sul retro del subwoofer. If you love Logitechs, (and I'm running a Z680 with swapped out speakers on my gaming rig), you should be over at r/PCSound. In either case, we suggest that you first check out a few other options at the $110 budget - it's … I think you forgot to mention who makes them. I'm looking for opinions on which of the 2.1 speakers should I keep? Or should I wait for a better deal on MB42X? Check our Logitech Warranty here Lifestyle. Logitech Z337, 2.1 canali, 40 W, Universale, Nero, Manopola, 3.5 mm jack,RCA. Non dovrai più scollegare o associare nuovamente i dispositivi per passare da una sorgente all'altra. 0. Tutta la comodità dello streaming wireless e di un sistema di altoparlanti 2.1 sempre collegato, per non preoccuparsi mai della durata della batteria. Logitech Z337 Sistema di Altoparlanti Multimedia con Bluetooth Suono audace con Bluetooth Z337 consente la riproduzione di contenuti audio in modalità wireless da qualsiasi computer, tablet o smartphone con tecnologia Bluetooth. Z337 speaker system pdf manual download. The Logitech Z337 Speaker System (2016), by contrast, is quite unremarkable and doesn't manage to stand out in any way when compared to other products at that price point. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the BudgetAudiophile community. Hey guys, while setting up my desk I came across the Logitech Z337 2.1 Bluetooth Speakers and they blew my mind away. The Z337 sound much better but not really noticeable unless you pay attention. Vedo che hai un problema con l'altoparlante Z337. They'll be like $40 and $30 (or $50 for the Air) respectively, though shipping will be extra. I’ll caution against the ProMedia 2.1’s though. Suono ricco, cristallino e vivido. Scrivi una recensione per primo. Regola il livello dei bassi grazie alla manopola dedicata posta sul retro del subwoofer. Cookies help us deliver our Services. 10/06/2020. Fai clic sul link per la risoluzione dei problemi fornito di seguito e prova i passaggi, questo articolo di seguito ha aiutato i nostri clienti a risolvere il loro problema. Associazione Bluetooth, controlli di volume e accensione accessibili dall'unità di controllo con fili, controllo dei bassi sul retro del subwoofer, Due altoparlanti satellite Not matter what you're listening to, these multimedia speakers are sure to deliver you clear, rich acoustics. La potenza di 80 watt di picco/40 watt RMS offre massima intensità tramite altoparlanti a due satelliti e un grande subwoofer. Logitech Z337 è un sistema di altoparlanti 2.1 dalle innumerevoli possibilità. Oltre che al computer desktop può essere collegato anche a laptop, tablet, smartphone, lettori multimediali di ogni tipo, console videoludiche ecc. Comparison of Logitech Z333 and Logitech Z337 based on specifications, reviews and ratings. Or if you want new, watch Monoprice for an open box 10" sub and pick up the B652 (of B652 Air) bookshelf speakers from Parts-Express (assuming they ship to Canada for a decent price). Vendita Casse Per Pc Casse Pc Logitech Z337 2.1 40Watt 980-001261 Prezzi Casse Per Pc You should look for some proper used gear but you are clearly on a small budget, good luck. Online. Per le connessioni con cavo, utilizzare gli ingressi da 3,5 mm o RCA. Logitech Z337 PC speakers with subwoofer and Bluetooth streaming lets you stream clear sound and strong bass from any Bluetooth-enabled computer, tablet or phone. I have owned plenty of Logitechs. Gli altoparlanti per PC Logitech Z337 con subwoofer e streaming Bluetooth consentono di riprodurre un suono estremamente chiaro e bassi potenti da qualsiasi … Micro Hi Fi Logitech 980-001261 Opinioni. Logitech Z337 PC speakers with subwoofer and Bluetooth streaming lets you stream clear sound and strong bass from any Bluetooth-enabled computer, tablet or phone. Il nome completo è Logitech Z337 Bold Sound e veste il ruolo di primo set di casse per PC firmate dalla società svizzera con connettività Bluetooth. We love getting feedback and hearing about your experiences with your products. 3.5mm Audio Cavo 80 watt di picco/40 watt di potenza RMS per un suono potente. 1.3m. Welcome to Logitech Support. I’ve been using my Logitech 2.1 for over a decade and I absolutely love them. impianto audio wireless Logitech Z337 a -43%. They sound amazing for the price. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Ask the tech support reddit, and try to help others with their problems as well. Register Getting Started FAQ Community Downloads Warranty Specifications Spare Parts Gallery Contact Us Troubleshooting for connection issues There are no Downloads for this Product. By webmaster. By webmaster. Most of these people will tell you what you “should” get. Le migliori offerte per Altavoces Bluetooth para PC Logitech Z337 2.1 con streaming sono su eBay Confronta prezzi e caratteristiche di prodotti nuovi e usati Molti articoli con consegna gratis! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 0 + 0. Lifestyle. Took them back and exchanged for another pair, tons of static and hiss, so I returned them as well. If you are forced to be in that budget I really suggest just saving longer. Logitech’s Z337 speaker system is a welcome sight for anyone who yearns for the flexibility to punch up audio from their PC and mobile device without … Bassi potenti che non lasciano spazio all'immaginazione. Le migliori offerte per Logitech Z337 Con Bluetooth in Diffusori Audio sul primo comparatore italiano. Ciao Mattia, grazie per aver contattato Logitech. Shop Z337 Speakers. I second saving up a little longer. Initially bought them, but they died within hours. Join. I mean, they are both crap but keep the one that you like the most. Il subwoofer frontale produce bassi profondi regalandovi eccezionali esperienze video, audio e di gioco. Members. Pulsante di associazione Bluetooth comodo sull'unità di controllo con fili. Per le connessioni con cavo, utilizzare gli ingressi da 3,5 mm o RCA. You can pair up to eight Bluetooth source devices with your speakers and connect to 2 of them at once. Riproduci l'audio in modalità wireless da qualsiasi dispositivo Bluetooth® collegando il computer, lo smartphone o il tablet tramite il pulsante di associazione situato sull'unità di controllo. Your source device should now be paired and connected to your Z337 speakers. Versione Bluetooth: lol Logitech. I bought 2 speakers the Z313 and Z337. Logitech decided to go with a different approach with the Z337 and Z533. View and Download Logitech Z337 complete setup manual online. We focus on education, discussion, and sharing of entry and mid level separate & multi component audio systems. Miglior Prezzo: 89,99 € Opinioni e recensioni Ampia gamma di offerte | Prezzi bassi per Cassa acustica per PC Logitech Z337 | Tutte le offerte su idealo It specifically states that this sub is for people who are looking to get away from PC branded boxed speaker setups. 4.1 Affidabile portata da 15 metri in linea di vista, Controlli: 0. Un po’ di cose su Zach Galifianakis e Zoe Saldana, dette da loro. 0. That being said there is some value in the Logitechs such as price and convince, but I'd still rather go with something else personally. We've put everything you need to get started with your Z337 Bold Sound with Bluetooth right here. For slightly more money, cheap "good" speakers definitely out perform them. A used receiver/amp plus some bookshelf speakers and maybe a little sub will take you way further for your money than computer speakers. The Z337 sound much better but not really noticeable ... That said, the nice compact size and neat packaging of a logitech 2.1 system has value too. Oggi l Related articles More from author. That said, the nice compact size and neat packaging of a logitech 2.1 system has value too. You will find that nearly everyone here will recommend "real" speakers - and real, used speakers if you are on a budget. help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. Per visitare questo sito, utilizzare un browser più recente. Welcome to the Logitech G subreddit! The bluetooth is not a big plus as I will not use it often (for gaming). Speaker System With Bluetooth. [Speakers] Logitech Z333 2.1 80W Wireless Satellite Speaker System - $49.99 + FS (Promo code REWARDME at checkout for additional $2.50 Rakuten Super Points) Manual Logitech Z337. C’eravamo tanto innovati: le promesse mancate della tecnologia. I've been contemplating on which one I should keep. Grazie alla connessione bluetooth, apprezzata anche sull’impianto Logitech G560, è possibile sfruttare tablet, lettori audio e video, così come altri apparecchi.La portata del collegamento, in versione 4.1, raggiunge i 15 m, e consente perciò una grande libertà di azione. SPEAKER SYSTEM WITH BLUETOOTH. The Logitech Z333 has the largest satellites, which is why it might have the nicest highs and mids. The only bad audio system, is the one you don't enjoy to the fullest. 4.2k. Z337 Lautsprecher-Systeme Pdf Anleitung Herunterladen. View the Logitech Z337 manual for free or ask your question to other Logitech Z337 owners. I think I would recommend that you keep the cheaper pair, ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. Logitech Z337: altoparlanti 2.1 wireless in sconto al Prime Day. Tutte le informazioni che cerchi in un unico sito di fiducia. Notice the sidebar? Accedi in tutta comodità alla modalità di associazione Bluetooth, ai controlli di volume e accensione e alla presa per cuffie direttamente dall'unità di controllo con fili.

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