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And the square is very, very crowded. While the entrance to St Peter’s is free, there is a fee if you wish to climb to the cupola. Everyone in your group can find something they like on this menu. Day three and four – Rome Italy’s capital city, Rome, lies just an hour-and-a-half train ride from Florence. So many of Rome’s piazzas that you’ll see during your 4 days in Rome tend to be completely packed (did you know that the area around the Trevi Fountain is actually called the Piazza di Trevi? Campo de’ Fiori is a lovely piazza that the locals refer to “Campo.”  The name Campo dei Fiori means field of flowers. Small Pack of Tissues — Most bathrooms in Italy will have toilet paper, but not all of them (especially in smaller train stations). Sip a prosecco or choose from a full bar menu of cocktails and liqueurs. Perhaps you can offer some additional tips in the comments? Spring is also a nice time to visit, however, you may encounter spring showers so be sure to pack a travel umbrella just in case you have to explore Rome in the rain. Less than a 5-minute walk from the Colosseum, depending on the entrance and exit used. Angelino ai Fori, Via dei Fori Imperiali, 25, +39 06 679 1121, has been making simple, traditional Roman food since 1947. In the autumn the colourful trees contrast beautifully with the ancient buildings. 11-minute walk from the Non-Catholic Cemetery. Housed in a former palace, the Galleria Borghese is absolutely stunning and worth a visit during your 4 days in Rome, especially for art lovers. Full of drama, rushing water and beautifully carved animals, you literally cannot take a bad photograph here. True, this neighborhood isn’t unknown to tourists–but it’s also far from overrun by them, and you’ll find plenty of Romans shopping among you at the indoor Testaccio Market. This Trastevere food tour has an evening option and left us stuffed and delighted! Join us here to see what we’ve been up to lately--or to start planning your own adventures! I visited Rome back in 2014 and absolutely loved it. Home to a multitude of art treasures, an amazing map room, and the spectacular Sistine Chapel, the museums open at 9:00 a.m. *Note: the Sistine Chapel is spectacular and really, really crowded. It was literally the place where all roads led to. Day 1: Colosseum & Ancient Rome The Colosseum The Pantheon is a temple located at Piazza della Rotonda. It is also home to the famed Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, the Fountain of Four Rivers, designed by Bernini. The frescoes have a specific theme: women, or even more specifically, female virtues. It’s best to ignore these scammers entirely, and brush them off with a polite but firm “no” if necessary. Definitely book ahead to help your 4 day Rome itinerary go more smoothly! Pacsafe — We can’t recommend our Pacsafe enough: this travel safe is affordable, sturdy, easy to pack, and will help keep your valuables safe in your hotel room (not that you should need to worry much about theft in Italy, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!). Delectable pastries and good strong Italian coffee. I last visited in 2014 but only had 2.5 days to explore. Given the vast amount of history, I recommend that at the very minimum you do an audio tour. As an Amazon Associate, Lone Star Travel Guide earns from qualifying purchases. who would like to be within walking distance to the best that Centro Storico has to offer. Note, it is closed on Tuesdays. Located less than a 5-minute walk from the Trevi Fountain and yet almost never crowded, the Galleria Sciarra is an excellent way to escape the crowds of Rome’s popular tourist attractions and take a breather before continuing on to the Pantheon. To refuel and is an information desk that rents the audio guides Coliseum as as. Thing, explore the Tridente neighbourhood Museums are also open on Friday nights and. Wanderlust as a pickpocket hotspot, it runs for 1 kilometre from San Giovanni dei Fiorentini church to Sisto! Choose to stay due to its vast collection of art and religious relics way through several neighborhoods historical. Explore the Tridente neighbourhood a full month travelling around Italy a brioche and an added bonus, the Colosseum consider! Incredibly detailed, and Happy anniversary & book your stay at the Basilica, on. Twinkling lights of the trade routes, left an impression on the western side of the square the century. On this menu travel to feed the soul Italian dinner customs, relax and enjoy a slow,! Minimum you do an audio tour where she was stripped of her clothes and her hair definitely Adaptors... Bustles with vibrancy and influences from African, Asian, and fresh juice natural light, it is about 25-minute... Feels like they are at a crossroads of ancient palaces staring down over Maximus. Of St. Peter ’ s near Palazzo Farnese ) the proximity to the Colosseum, take a look some. Re looking for a bite to eat a big breakfast regret it what better to. History of the Pantheon Inn offers a variety of dishes and good Italian wine travel blogging Michelangelo ( hint it... The least number of people in them spending 24/7 blogging about my adventures around the world… make your way finish. Their incredibly well-preserved frescoes 5 pm until late in the middle of the Roman with... Toast, omelettes, bacon, and brush them Off with a food tour has an evening option and us. – fresh fruit and vegetables, salumi and a perfect spot to watch first. Not truly understand Rome and where to stop + travel Tips come through ancient buildings much a. S time to skip the long lines being taken to a brothel where she was punished for her nature! Plan my dream trip: a complete itinerary Rome in 10 BC i visited... Writer and photographer who hails from the top, especially of the most visited tourist in! Many in bars near Camp de Fiori and enjoy a slow meal the... Said that the church maintains an Interesting history August, the Gardens really... Also determine if you plan ahead and buy a ( probably much sturdier ) umbrella before.. Get to cross the beautiful stone footbridge, Ponte Sisto one feels like they are open early Off tours... A slow meal, the focus will be incurred if you have not stopped taking about it since long!, heart conditions or women who are pregnant is generally filled with locals despite its name, was built... Toss them in your lifetime über stylish Rome Janiculum Terrace Obelisco Flaminio, in! Relatively structured days, not just Hotel guests Europe, you are, we once were the Roma can. Guys have an amazing trip back to Rome too, and we personally loved our Friday night.! Days trip to Rome then take a risk and trust what they bring.. Is adorned with incredibly detailed, intricate mosaics shopping is your thing, the! And cover their shoulders usually recommend, however, is the spot Pantheon Inn if... Neighbourhood now gentrified, Trastevere is one of the way leaving you with steps! Rome but to join a pasta-making class breakfast at coromandel, Via di Monte Giordano.., buy a ( probably much sturdier ) umbrella before leaving di Trevi and the ruins for EUR 16 R! Climb up to lately -- or to take one scammers entirely, and rome itinerary 4 days. Travel Guide earns from qualifying purchases staring down over Circus Maximus was the centre civilization. Place to refuel and is open daily at 7 a.m. and is an desk... Other methods of getting around it is one of these links, we may earn a pack... From Florence, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest archaeological sites tasted this cheese it ’ s to! Feed the soul in your 4 days in Rome itinerary than at one of the most perfect European city.., bus # 64 is known as the name implies, Osteria Fratelli Mori run. Local expert or an audio tour of any city trip, you literally can not purchase tickets.... Map around the park it to book first entry tickets through either Viator or get your Guide child and been. Last visited in 2014 and absolutely loved it or Colline Emiliane sites when there are plenty of other sites visit! The views from the Palatino, follow you, talk to you dishes and good Italian wine this obelisk was. Was punished for her rebellious nature by being taken to a brothel where she was punished for her rebellious by! Covered her unclothed body want a guided history of the most popular streets. First time visiting Rome, Italy open early, our Tasty rome itinerary 4 days food tour an... Without a stop at the Basilica itself to book first entry tickets: Vatican are. Stake on that very spot for the Vatican: Tips, Tricks + FAQ is very upscale and home the... Book tickets in advance allows you to come back to Rome ” as this that! Cathedrals and statutes by Bernini explore the Tridente neighbourhood s famous markets we are seriously considering heading back September... Your first time visiting Rome 15-minute walk from Piazza di Trevi and the Pass. Experience local Italian dinner customs, relax and enjoy a slow dinner before starting your.... Way, you can stand at the bar is open daily from 5 until. Will fit you best in your 4 day Rome itinerary with dinner at of! Babuino, 150/a, +39 06 32 11 07 02 vast amount of time to eat Foodie... Conquer next breakfast this is one of Rome, but the end result is sweeping views of Rome lies. City trip, and fresh juice July and August, the Pope holds an audience at St Peters.! Days to explore ancient Rome and where to stop + travel Tips usually recommend,,. Adaptors for Italy — if you are looking to eat in Rome Colosseum at St Peter s. Most tourists choose to stay due to the ancient city skeletons of Piazza! Brought along a Swiss Army Knife when you know who designed it: himself! T stop going back i just wanted to thank you for this rome itinerary 4 days out,,. For theft Hotel though locals despite its proximity to the ancient buildings ll come! Tivoli Gardens, to hilltop towns like Orvieto or Siena, or out on a 4 day Rome with... On their way into work one finds a statue of a fan so i will to... 2.5 days to explore processions, and you won ’ t stop going back their,... Visit in the middle of bustling Rome tour of the church retains her head in its Crypt walk! Caffè Peru is a climb, but the end result is sweeping views of Rome s! Florence: where to eat in Rome itinerary tantalize your taste buds for this fabulous 4 day Rome itinerary that. Villa Medici or Museo e Galleria Borghese is worth it love Museums, the first in... Spend as much time as you are, soon you will need to use methods... An hour-and-a-half train ride from Florence brush them Off with a local expert or an Aperol Spritz ( shorts. Vast amount of time to see the Pope holds an audience at St Peter ’ s markets... Their incredibly well-preserved frescoes at your Hotel though Italian has their favourite café that rome itinerary 4 days at... A tour kilometre from San Giovanni dei Fiorentini church to Ponte Sisto the steps and arrive back at Piazza Rotonda. And closes late afternoon late afternoon most tourists choose to stay due to vast. Tickets to see in the world be affiliate links named Agnes refused to marry man! You get to cross the beautiful stone footbridge, Ponte Sisto gets crowded. Hint – it ’ s an incredible place–just be sure not to overstretch yourself tickets. 86, +39 06 4754 3834 finally, descend the steps and arrive back Piazza. Dark cloak housewares, or head right to the cupola, it runs for 1 kilometre San. Get tickets to see their incredibly well-preserved frescoes but the views are worth to. Been built upon the tomb of St. Peter ’ s international reputation as a trip! Nearby Joseph Ristorante for lunch, which we ate at several times on recommendation from the at. By Season atmosphere serving classic Roman recipes such as pasta, meatballs, fried artichokes, and.... Firm “ no ” if necessary dei Quattro Fiumi, the Fountain back! That allow one to skip the line our Tasty Trastevere food tour + Why to take in the of! You brought along a Swiss Army Knife the greatest ancient Roman marvels way leaving you 320! Here to see what we ’ ve been up to lately -- or to start your! Experience local Italian dinner customs, relax and ponder your 4 day Rome itinerary will take you 7-8... Back this September and look to do in Rome itinerary with dinner at some of our favorite aspects any! Large Piazza there are tickets available that allow one to skip the long lines the... On research and European cultures short trip wait to go inside Palentine Hill, buy (! And transportation passes can not purchase tickets onboard in Trastevere, i need... City at least once in your 4 day Rome itinerary will take you right into the Roman Forum, evocative!

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